Tuesday Time Management & Decluttering Talk


My One Priority

Keeping our homes running smoothly requires prioritization. Having a good sense of priorities helps us to juggle all the things. As busy as we remain in our daily lives, we can’t do everything we think we need to do in a day. So there are some basic time management principles we can put into play that will help us in our hearts and hour homes.  The first thing is setting your priority.

For me personally this means getting all the things I need to do written out so that I can decide which is most important for my day. Each day my priority is spending time in my Bible and prayer.

It’s a first priority for my heart because it affects my home.

Beyond that I list out the things that I must do for that day, and the things I’d like to get accomplished and then make a schedule. I don’t always accomplish it according to schedule, but I get far more done with a schedule than I do if I just let the day roll along without a thought for how to accomplish it all.  The essence of time management is the plan and exercise of control on time spent on various activities. This increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. When we manage our time well we can accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

The irony for those who hate scheduling because it feels limiting is that the reality of the end result of time management is that you have more free time. This is free time that can be spent with family and friends, further your education, start a business, or serve more in your church and community.

A schedule and practice of regular time management helps to lower stress increases our focus which inevitably helps us accomplish more and leads to a better life and job success. Making a schedule and working to stick to it takes effort and discipline but you don’t have to be born with natural ability in this. This is a skill that can be developed and becomes most advantageous when you do work to develop it.