Friday Favorites

My Favorite Things - Candles

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For this week’s my favorite things I wanted to mention a few of my favorite candle brands.

Paddywax - With an amazing variety of scents and a variety of containers, Paddywax has something for everyone. A couple of my recent favorite smells are perfect for the upcoming Christmas season - Wassail & Spice, Balsam & Fir, & Holly Leaves & cranberry.

Surfs Up! - One of the vendors the Cool Chicks girls bring in is surfs up. The scents are fantastic and the paint can styles are fantastic. My other favorite thing is the vintage labels - they are amazing.

Capri candles - Hands down my top candle choice is the Volcano candle from capri. The scent is stellar and it’s a candle we personally buy over and over again. Our second favorite is Modern Mint, but honestly all of the scents are amazing. It is my very favorite candle ever!

Thanks for coming by! Tell me your favorite candles in the comments! I’m always willing to try some more! :)

Coffee, Mattress in a Box and a Kitchen Tool


Today is Favorites for my Friday Post and I wanted to go ahead and get right out of the way at the get go some of my favorite things. Now these things are truly favorites but I also want to be completely honest and let you know that these companies I have a personal relationship with too. SO…there’s the transparency you should expect from me.

But to be perfectly fair these companies are favorites whether or not I was connected. So here goes!

  1. Cool Chicks Coffee - Coffee - I’m a coffee nut - I love it - I drink it!

    Freshly roasted and then immediately shipped, this coffee company roasts in Mississippi and is run by my two daughters. The girls launched this company as a homeschool project over ten years ago and it’s still going strong! With a variety of flavors to suit even the most discriminating palate there’s something everyone will love here! Freshly roasted coffee is unbeatable in flavor and freshness and the variety of flavors you can get means you can try something new all year!

  2. Revived 365 -

    This mattress in a box company made in Mississippi and shipped to your door boasts one of the most comfortable night sleeps you will ever experience. Yes I sleep on one every night, and when I travel I struggle to sleep well which of course makes vacationing difficult! I need to take a bed with me to every place we go! ha! This company is run by our daughter Kayla who is 21 and has recently graduated from college. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this bed in a box!

  3. Bowlynder -

    This really cool kitchen tool was designed by Mississippi girl Katie Jarnagin to solve a common problem we all struggle with in the kitchen! A drippy colander! She set out to design something that could help secure the liquids from a drippy ground beef drain, or a salad with dressing. Not only a great functioning item, she also made sure it had a great look so that it could go straight from sink to table if desired. And clean up - well that’s a breeze because it has plastic liners that are disposable! Be sure to check out this unique gift and give your friends and family the most unique gift they have ever received!

So that’s it for this week! I hope you’ll check out these finds and will enjoy seeing maybe some new to you products. It’s a great time to be thinking ahead for teacher gifts, friends and family and don’t wait another year to replace that bed! You know every year you have company come in for the holidays and you wish you had an extra bed or even had replaced that bed you’ve held on to for more years than you should because no one sleeps on it regularly!

Have a great weekend!